Using Outdoor Billboards Effectively

An eye catching billboard can transform a company nearly overnight into a success. This is accomplished with both words and images that capture the imagination of those that see it.  Just like in this sign the word CRAZY in red letters is an eye catcher.

Another path is to entice the taste buds, which can help those that see it become or recognize they are hungry as this one with an order of French fries.

The use of an LED outdoor billboard offers more options like this one that is counting down to the start of baseball season.

There are also advertising campaigns on outdoor billboards where less is better like this simple message on a white background.

For businesses that advertise on freeways, the exit number where the business is located is essential to attracting customers like this restaurant is doing.

Simple bold statements advertising high discounts are always attractive to the consumer.

The use of outdoor billboards to send out a simple message is most cost effective mass media outlet an organization can use to reach the most potential clients and customers.

Many times a simple, but dramatic contrast will work like the fear elephants have for mice that is overcome by smashing one like this sign shows.

An absurd message is also very good at gather attention and like this one establishing a brand for the organization by desiring ugly houses.

One of the oldest, but most appealing approaches used to get the message across is sex appeal. This path always gathers attentions with results.

On a hot day the advertising of a cool drink like this slushy from Sonic with the simple image and the straw protruding is very enticing to those who see it.

Advertising on outdoor billboards are not just limited to the billboard as this ad proves by decorating the post.

Both large and small business use outdoor billboards as part of their advertising campaign. This includes the largest fast food restaurant in the world, McDonald’s.

These are just a few great examples of how businesses are using outdoor billboards to promote their business and increase their sales. There is a billboard out there waiting for your message so the public will see it, but requires you to take that first step and use one.

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