The Time Required for Placing a New Message on an Outdoor Billboard

The actual time that is required for placing a new message on an outdoor billboard is good knowledge to know. With Lamar advertising company, a new posting from idea to up on the billboard is just 1 day.

To Honor a Past First Lady

The speed at which Lamar placed the new sign was just a day after the former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away. The sign was not an advertisement, but posted out of respect for this simple yet elegant soft spoken first lady.

Most companies have their brand on a billboard when advertising.  The first lady also had a simple brand of 3 string pearl necklace. Nothing too fancy, but elegant and with class which appeared on the new billboard.

Digital vs Real World Timing

Today nearly all of the advertising campaigns are created in a computer program. The only difference in terms of time required of posting an ad on the internet and one in the real world is the printing of the vinyl then placing it on the billboard.

For those who will be using a digital billboard, that printing and posting time is eliminated.

The Latest Trend in Billboards

The posting of this memorial of the past first lady is out of respect and categorized as a personal message. Nothing is being sold or offered for free, just a sign of respect.

Unlike the 4 billboards of Wichita, Kansas that was used to send out message to the government calling for action, this one for the past first lady was just to honor this elegant woman and mark her passing.

The use of this mass media advertising has also recently been used to ask for LeBron to change teams and go to the city where the group who is paying for the billboards are from.

While the revenue for these short time postings will not have long term profits for the advertising company in short term the rates are higher because of the speed required to get the message out.

Views of the Personal Messages

In the past only those passing by a billboard would see the message. That is no longer true. The use of social media on the internet has changed that as proven with the 4 Billboards of Wichita and the memorial to Barbra Bush. Both of these and the LeBron billboards were covered not only by the social media like Facebook, but also local news stations.

With this increase in exposure come more views. This is positive and shows the relevance of just how important outdoor billboards are in today’s modern world.

With the one day turnaround of idea to posting of an outdoor billboard, this lucrative business sector has proven it can keep pace with the digital world.

Another unnoticed fact is that messages on outdoor billboards are being shown in the digital world, but messages from the digital world do not appear on outdoor billboards. This is one of the many advantages of advertising on outdoor billboards.

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