The New Trendy Outdoor Billboard Business

The newest trend in advertising is the use of 3 billboards. The trend was influenced by the Oscar winning movie 3 billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri which showed how 3 billboards could grab the attention of those passing  with short and to the point messages, one leading to the next.

No longer is the outdoor billboard business reserved for product advertising. More and more organizations are using them to spread their message. The latest themes are gun control in American and in England the fight over Brexit to name just two.

In the past there had been an occasional personal message that has included a marriage proposal that was successful. In Cleveland the use of 3 billboards last month was used in an attempt to persuade LeBron James to switch teams and play for Philadelphia when he becomes a free agent next year.

As with all of the messages, they are short, sweet, to the point and their message is getting out with people noticing them. Because of not only the movie, but also the recent use of 3 billboards with numerous messages on a wide variety of topics, the outdoor billboard business is going through an upsurge in business.

Right now is the time to get into the outdoor billboard business while it is still going up. This is a very profitable business venture that has been around for over 100 years and will never go way as long as there are roads and people traveling on them.

What many do not realize or have thought about is that the outdoor billboard business is more than just the huge signs by the roads across the nation. This type of advertising is all around us, but at times goes unnoticed.

The poster size advertising can be seen at bus stops, in, at and on the subways and trains and on light posts. The size and magnitude of this lucrative business venture is unparalleled in terms of the number of people that see them.

This is a mass media marketing approach, but it can also be used to target a specific audience like the marriage proposal and the private ad to let LeBron now knows he is wanted on the Philadelphia basketball team.  The proposal bill board was located in a place where the one lady it was intended for would see it. The LeBron billboards were place approximately 7 miles away from where the Cavaliers play their home games on one of the roads leading to the stadium.

The outdoor billboard business is ready to handle any message on any subject for the most part. This path is for those that want to reach out and deliver their message to as many people as possible and for organizations looking to use this media source to accomplish their goals of informing the public.

For those in the outdoor bill board business, the costs are relatively low for this new approach to getting the message across. Most of the messages are simple words on vinyl and the graphics are basic. This increases the profit potential of each billboard rented and posted for the outdoor billboard business owner.

It is true the internet is a great place to advertise, but with the outdoor billboard campaigns using the social media and pictures of the signs, the billboard is still the backbone of the advertising industry and will remain so for the foreseeable future.


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