The New Popularity of Billboards

The new popularity of billboards is continuing this year. This simple and effective way of using mass media to get a message out is now becoming trendy.

Just like the movie the 3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri and the 4 billboards of Wichita, The latest posting involves a direct message at the corner of 31st Street and 7th Avenue in NYC.

The simple message is ‘23 James, King of New York? Prove it.’ The placement of the billboard is near the Madison Square Gardens where the NY Knicks play their home games.

This advertisement is directed at LeBron James who is currently a member of the Cleveland Cavilers. He has already stated he is looking to join a new team in the NBA.

The new billboard in New York was paid for by fans of the New York Knicks. The group that posted the outdoor billboard has an Instagram account @NYCAdsCo.

The ad was posted in hope of enticing LeBron to join their NBA team in New York. This is the fifth time recently the use of billboards has been used involving sports with a direct and pointed message.

The Ann Arbor Bank posted 4 billboards urging their team on in the final four of the NCAA basketball tournament last month.

The use of mass media by professional teams is not new. What is new is the use of fans of professional teams and other organizations to use outdoor billboards to attract a specific player to their team.

The power of this approach is far greater than just what an average billboard provided in the past. This specific billboard was noticed by the TV news media and is posted on social networks on the World Wide Web. This proves that the use of billboards is attracting more attention than before.

With exposure on multiple platforms, the message is getting out to the public and to who the message is direct too. Not only is the message for LeBron but also his agent.

NY is the fourth city in America using outdoor billboards to persuade Lebron to either remain with his current team of move to a new city. There have already been billboards asking him to go to Philadelphia and Los Angeles, along with the people of Akron who want him to stay where his is at.

This trend of using outdoor billboards is attracting more attention in the uses of this mass media outlet. Just like all trends, they start with a spark. The movie 3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri was the spark and now the positive aftermath is following.

The world is noticing the billboards they pass with a new light. As this old but trendy way of getting a message out grows more popular, more people will be turning to it for their message. With coverage on the social media outlets and possibly on the TV news, the old limit of only those passing the outdoor billboard as the recipients of the message is no longer valid.

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