The New Golden Age of Outdoor Billboards

The old fashioned outdoor billboards are new entering its new Golden Age. The new popularity of this long established out-of-home advertising is booming to the point that news networks and the online social medias are covering it.

The Biggest Advertisers on Billboards

To no one’s surprise the biggest advertiser on outdoor billboards is McDonalds. They have held this position for the last 5 consecutive years. The newest statistic available on the amount they are spending on outdoor advertising is from 2015 where they invested $73.6 millions in this path to getting the word out.

Just behind McDonalds in 2017 in terms of spending on outdoor advertising for the past 5 years is the tech company Apple. They invested $59.7 million in 2015 and have increased that amount each year since.

The rest of the top ten in 2017 were Geico, American Express, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, HBO, Verizon, and Chevrolet. That makes 3 of the top 10 investors in outdoor billboards are giants in the high tech world. For the top 100 advertisers last year nearly 25% were from the tech business sector.

The Popularity of Outdoor Billboards is Spreading

The tech industry is using outdoor billboards more and more even with their nearly unlimited reach on the internet. The reason for this trend is added evidence of just how effective the oldest form of out-of-home advertising is in the new modern world.

The reason behind the making of 3 billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri is only known to the writer, but if effect on the outdoor billboard business has been profound. The pattern of using 3 and now even 4 billboards to send a message out about social injustice like the 4 billboards of Wichita is more proof of the effectiveness of this out-of-home advertising.

There are also private citizens with deep pockets placing ads on billboards in their home town to attract top athletes to their area so their team can possibly win a championship.

Revenue Potential of a Billboard to an Advertising Business


The two most profitable locations in America for renting out an outdoor billboard include Times Square in NYC and the Sunset Strip in LA. In both of these locations there are billboards being rented for more than $100,000 a month.

For many organizations that amount for just a month of getting their word out is too much, but for big companies, it is just part of doing business in their highly competitive business sector.

The exact cost of this old fashioned form of advertising varies, depending on its location. Inside of a downtown area of a major metropolitan city will cost $1,500 to $20,000 a month depending on the size of the local population.

In the major freeways outside or metropolitan cities, the month rental varies from $750 to $4,000, 4 lane highways are less as with 2 lane highways are even lower in price. It is all dependent on the volume of traffic that passes by on a daily basis.

The new Golden Age of outdoor billboards is upon us. This 100 year old path to getting the word out is still growing strong. For entrepreneurs in this business sector, the profits continue to roll in.

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