The Book


“The Secrets of How to Make Money With Outdoor Billboards”

Your Step-by-Step Guide …


We have assembled a wealth of first hand information about this lucrative business.

Our comprehensive starter kit will provide you with very specific detailed answers to all of your questions about the outdoor billboard business.

You will find the following information included in our comprehensive starter kit :


Billboard Types and Descriptions:
This chapter will give you detailed descriptions of what is needed for different types of outdoor billboards,
structure measurements, and blueprints.

Vinyl Production Companies:
This chapter will give you real names and websites of vinyl production companies we work with on
a regular basis. It takes out all the guess work. We tested them for you. They are cheap, reputable,
reliable, and put out a great vinyl product that will never fade due to the sun or rain.

Vinyl Designers:
Again, this e-book takes out all the guess work. We give you great designers that will design
the vinyl for your customer at a very cheap price. We’ve tested them…….. we know.

Finding Billboard Locations:
This chapter will show you several creative ways to find billboard locations. Many of these creative tactics
were perfected by us, trial and error…….. benefit from our mistakes…….. we made them so you will never have to.

Creative Ways to Find Existing Billboards:
This chapter will teach you different ways to find existing and abandoned billboards that you can bring back to life.

Creative / Easy Methods to Sell Advertising Space:
(Tested first hand by us with proof) This section offers originally creative ways to sell advertising space,
find advertisers, and sign long term contracts. Remember, once you sign a one, five or even a ten year
contract, you can just sit back, relax and collect the money…….. no rental hassle.


Red-Tick-e1390355650643Land Lease Contracts:
Legal documents used by us and others to rent space from property owners to place your billboards.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Land Lease Request Documents:
Proper form letters requesting to rent ad space from property owners.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Official Contracts:
These are the contracts that we have used over the years and were drafted by lawyers.
They are also the same contracts that other big companies in the outdoor billboard business use.
They alone are worth way more than the price of this e-book.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Billboard Data Sheet:
This sheet will allow you to present your billboard offer to the advertiser in a professional manner and it’s also used by many companies in the billboard industry.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Permit Applications from Different States:
Sample billboard applications from a couple different states to give you an idea what they look like and what to expect. Straight forward…….. anyone can fill one out.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Lots Of Pictures:
Great photos of different size billboards with different advertisements…….. to wet your appetite.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Structure Blueprints:
This is one of the best parts of our e-book. Actual blueprints that can be used to build many different size boards. You may need an engineering firm to build some of them, but this will give you an idea of what the requirements will be. Some outdoor billboards are huge structures that you need building permits and inspections for. These are sample blueprints, please be safe for your sake and others…. do not get blinded by the easy money, and never comprise your safety.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Sample Code Sheet:
These sheets will tell you what the city or township will expect from you.
It tells you how far to stay away from side walks, what sizes they allow…….. etc.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643Structure Specifications:
Again what the city or township will expect from you before you build.

Red-Tick-e1390355650643And many more!


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