Out of Home Advertising

The term Out of Home Advertising is the new way outdoor billboards are being listed by the advertising business sector. Other terms associated with this new approach to naming those big billboards on the side of the road include OOH Advertising, Out of Home Media and Outdoor Media.

All of the new names mean the same thing, a path for business and organization to reach the public by means of mass media when the public are out of their residences. The target audience is the on-the-go public who sees billboards, posters and signs on the many roads, highways and transit areas they flow past while on their way to their destination.

New Ways to use Out of Home Advertising

No longer are all billboards or advertising signs a static display. One new way occurred in Stockholm just over a year ago when Reebok placed an outdoor sign in a public place challenging those passing by to go faster than 17 kph or just over 10 mph. The sign has a sped sensor and would measure the speed of each person passing by. There were those that achieved this speed and they were rewarded with a new pair of ZPump 2.0 running shoes.

At bus stops across New York City JetBlue placed outdoor signs asking New Yorkers to literally tear their poster down. Just like the Reebok advertisement, when the sign was ripped away by a bold person, they received a reward. The prizes included free tickets to Jet and Nets games, round trip travel vouchers on JetBlue and even free scoops of Blue Marble Ice-cream.

Getting people involved and interacting with the advertisement is relatively new, but has been really affective in getting a brand noticed and remembered.

Another path to getting noticed is to use Mother Nature in the advertising campaign. Volvo used this approach to advertise their new hybrid and electric vehicles. They had lightning strike the billboard to power it. To help relate the clean energy of lightning, they also enlisted the power of Thor’s Hammer which produces lightening in the Marvel superhero movies.

What is Best for your Business in using OOH Advertising?

The above examples have considerable cost associated with them in their advertising campaigns. Not all business can afford such elaborate campaigns, but the use of outdoor billboards to get noticed can still be an affective path.

Options for Businesses

The use of Out-of Home advertising on outdoor billboards can be just as effective with static messages as with the movie 3 billboards outside of Ebbing Missouri proved. This approach has also been used in real life with the 4 Billboards of Wichita Kansas. The secret is the right message.

For businesses that have enough funds in their budget, a digital outdoor billboard is a great way to get noticed. The bright colors matched with an eye catching image and a short to the point slogan is an attention getter.

The use of Out-of Home advertising has been around for over 100 years. The approach has to fit your organizations budget, but the most important factor is getting your message out. For most simple is best.

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