News in the Outdoor Billboard Business

There are various ways businesses are now using outdoor billboards to attract the attention of the public. One of the more original paths was taken by Toyota with their climbable billboard.

This is another example of how business are using Out-of-Home advertising to get people involved with their ad campaign. This Toyota billboard is located in Times Square in NYC and is advertising a new hybrid vehicle.

The billboard depicts a cliff with the SUV at the base. On the image of the cliff are foot and hand holds so people can actually climb up the face of the cliff. The theme is ‘How far will you take it’.

The results showed an increase in sales of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in 2016 and 2017 since the ad was posted. Ironically this ad had most of its exposure on social media.

The trend of using multiple billboards as with the movie 3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri is continuing.  The Ann Arbor Bank is posting 4 billboards directed at Chaplin Sister Jean of the opposing team Michigan will face in the final four, Loyola-Chicago.

Ann Arbor Bank might just be a local financial institution, but with this ad campaign they have grabbed national attention.

Interaction with the public like the tearing down of posters as in the JetBlue ad in NYC and the rock climbing billboard in Times Square has sprung a new way advertising are using outdoor billboards. From the Swedish comes interaction with birds to grab attention.

The billboard depicts two hands against a blue sky. Live and wild birds can be seen interacting with the billboard. Their interaction is the natural reaction to the offering of food. There are 8 birdfeeders with birdseed on the billboard.

This ad campaign is from the corporation Ramboll that is using this approach to entice the public to view billboards in a new way. Not only are the billboards a way for business to get their message out, but also as a way businesses  give back to their community.

The use of artificial Intelligence is also being used in outdoor billboard campaigns. This is a game changer for out –of-Home advertising. No longer is the use of this mass media a general message, but can be used to target an audience that is currently viewing the ad.

This approach is providing the public with something they might be interested in. At this time it is only possible to have this type of interact with individuals, but no one knows what the future would hold. A good example is when a person holding a smart phone walks by an AL poster, the poster shows an ad for a smart phone or a wireless provider.

Not only are the messages on outdoor billboards just reaching the public that see them, but the public that visit the many social media sites on the internet. As outdoor billboards become smart billboards, the target audience will become smaller, but interaction will increase. This is the future for the outdoor advertising business.

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