Mobile Billboards: The New Face of Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is an integral part of any business and companies adopt various methods to advertise their products and services – mobile billboards being one of them. The basic purpose of any advertisement campaign is to educate the customers of the products and/or services provided by the advertising company. Different advertising methods are used to capture the attention of the potential customers.

What is Mobile Advertising?

As you will understand from the term, mobile advertising refers to outdoor advertising that is carried out through mobile transportation units such as trucks and trailers. Billboard-sized advertisements are put up on the sides of these trucks and trailers so that when these units move about in cities or particular localities, they advertise the given product. Dedicated mobile units used for mobile advertising provide features such as illumination, external sound systems, and hot and cold boxes that are effective in providing product samples on the spot.


Outdoor Advertising with Mobile Billboards

Benefits of Mobile Billboards

As a form of outdoor advertising, the mobile billboards present several benefits to the vendors. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:


The foremost benefit of mobile billboards lies in its inherent feature of being mobile. Since the trucks, trailers, and vans showcasing the mobile billboards are mobile, they can be targeted for a particular locality or area within a city. This helps in getting the attention of the targeted customers. The truck or trailer can be parked at the specific location to generate interest among customers as well as a venue to gather more information about the product or service provided.

Cost Efficiency

Advertising costs take up a major chunk of the expenses of any company. Therefore, it is the aim of every company to get the best advertisement campaigns conducted that given them the best value for money. Mobile billboards, in this respect are highly cost efficient as they provide better coverage as compared to other forms outdoor media.

Maximum Exposure

Contrary to the other forms of outdoor advertising such as radio and television that can switch off or limit the advertising message, mobile billboards are always there to stay. With each passing day when there are new companies coming up and each of them struggling to get view time,mobile billboards seem to be the most effective medium of advertising as they can be used to capture the attention of the prospective customers. It is most likely that one would remember an advertisement that drives past on a mobile billboard truck or on mobile billboard trailers.

Outdoor Advertising with Mobile Billboard on Train

Reach Target Customers

Mobile billboards as a form of outdoor advertising has the benefit of reaching targeted audience. Advertising related to opening of a specific branch is the best example that explains this benefit. Companies opening a branch in a specific location can inform the customers of the opening via the mobile billboards. The mobile trucks and vans with the advertisements can do the rounds of the specific locality at peak times so that more people see the message.

Types of Mobile Billboards

Besides the dedicated trucks and trailers used for mobile advertising, there are other types of vehicles as well that can be used for outdoor advertising through this method. The billboards are usually 22’8” wide by 10’5” high with lights as well so that they may be lit at night as well. Each side of the truck or trailer is covered by the full colored billboard. Some other types of mobile billboards are as follows:


This is a special advertising trailer that can hoist large vinyl banners up to 4000 sq. ft. With such height, vendors can gain immediate attention of the potential customers.

One-seater vehicles

The Daihatsu Midget, an unusual looking small vehicle from Japan is a popular medium of outdoor advertising. The vehicle has a small wheelbase enabling drivers to park them on a side with the large advertisement panel visible to the passing traffic. Since the vehicle is unusual-looking, it intrigues the onlookers and they stop and view the advertisement.

Single Seater Vehicle Advertising

Box-type Trucks

These trucks with glass panels are used by companies to display products, for parades, general awareness and product launches. As things can be safely enclosed in the glass-panelled box, it is a great way to reach out to the customers and make them see the product.


Companies are also coming up with micromarketing campaigns that are targeted towards customers living in remote areas and/or areas where large trucks and trailers cannot reach. These campaigns use small engine scooters that put up a tall and narrow signage moving about with agility. So, mobile billboards are definitely the new face of advertising and companies are using them to the best of their advantage.

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