Should You be A Digital Billboard Owner?

Traditional or Technical – Are You Likely to Own Digital Billboards?

Grab Attention with Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are the latest and most rapidly changing technology type of billboards used in the out of home advertising arena to leap out and grab the attention of the passers-by. While the number of digital billboards at present might be small as compared to the traditional billboards, out of home advertising trends would suggest that this is expected to change soon, considering their benefits.

Advertising of products and services by way of out of home media has been used by companies for a very long time. There’s various types of billboards utilized through history and around the globe and digital billboards are the dazzling technological stand out showpiece that are the latest in the offing. Digital billboards are backlit boards now used extensively for out of home advertising. These types of boards are shiny, bright, eye-catching and vivid and don’t have too much trouble attracting those that pass by them. Controlled by a computer from a distant location or office, these billboards have the ability to display several, seasonal or time-sensitive ads from the same marketer, thereby changing the entire scenario of billboard advertising. A small digital billboard is quite affordable and a mobile digital billboard is also an option, meaning the opportunity for most is available to advertise this way.

Benefits of Digital Billboards

Out of home advertising has always a popular medium of marketing one’s goods and services and the trend is only growing stronger with the influx of the digital billboards.

Here are some of the benefits of digital billboard advertising – from various points of view :

Flexible Type of Out Of Home Advertising (OOH)

With digital billboards the advertiser has the ability to change the ads as and when required. This means that a regular traveller can view a different ad from the same marketer. The ads may be updated as per the response from the public. Therefore, those ads that invoke little or no interest can be pulled down or exchanged with the ones that generate better interest.

Better Coverage with Digital Billboards

The coverage of the billboards is definitely better than the others. The advertising companies usually have an agreement to display ads from a particular company for a period of two to three months. The ads cover a larger audience for a longer period of time.

Cost effective Advertising

Compared to traditional billboards that have static images & advertising messages, the digital billboards are more cost effective as they can be created using superior computer technology in lesser time and with greater precision. Moreover, with the ability to display more than one ad on the same board, the overall cost of advertising is lowered. The cost of putting ads together is far less than advertising through any other medium.

Powerful Brand Building

With better effectiveness than other forms out of home advertising, these technologically advanced billboards help in building brand loyalty. New companies entering a particular market can use billboards to post ads as they are more cost effective.

Outdoor Digital Billboards

Beneficial for the billboard companies

The benefits of digital billboards are not just limited to the companies that wish to advertise their products or services, but extend to the billboard companies as well. A billboard owner usually leases a particular billboard to different advertisers each month. The ads are rotated at a predetermined time for each advertiser. The size, location and the duration of the ad determines the cost of advertising for the companies. As billboard companies are able to serve many customers with the same billboard – when it is a digital one – their profits are much higher as compared to the traditional types of billboards. In addition, with the cost of creating such billboards having fallen but the cost of advertising remaining the same, the profit margins of billboard companies is steadily increasing.

Long Term Sustainability

There is no doubt about the fact that digital billboards have changed the face of out of home advertising. With their various benefits, these billboards are definitely the premiere choice of advertising for some. The brightly lit and vivid billboards have the ability to grab the attention of those that pass by, conveying the message to a large number of people go about their way.

Eye Catching digital billboards

However, there are some arguments that debate the long term sustainability of these billboards. The one argument that goes against these billboards is the danger of accidents that can be caused due to the distraction caused to vehicle drivers. Several activist groups argue that since these billboards are put up at strategic locations to garner maximum viewers, they can be a cause of distraction for drivers, leading them to motor accidents.

Another argument that goes against the digital billboards is that since a particular billboard might be used by competitors, there is no exclusivity of location for the marketers.

What’s the Score then?

There is no doubt about the fact that the benefits of and the popularity of digital billboards far outweigh their shortcomings. So digital billboards are here to stay, they’ll probably get more amazing as technology advances, and they quite clearly are an important element to consider for any out of home advertising campaign.

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