Who Sees Billboard Ads?

Outdoor Signs are EverywhereIf you’ve ever wondered about the number of people who actually see billboard ads by the side of our highways, it’s not a chance thing – there’s actually a very organised and reliable method of determining the traffic that passes outdoor signs. And it’s government regulated.

The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement Inc. (TAB) is a non-profit organization whose historical mission has been to audit the circulation of out of home media in the United States. TAB’s single-minded purpose is to provide standardized, quantitative and valid audience measurement for out of home media – so they aim to continually inform the advertising community with demographically accurate and detailed information of people who have seen out of home advertising.

So when you’re doing your due diligence on a billboard site (location), there is a way of verifying a seller’s claim of the number of impressions the board will get in a given time period. Always check for yourself the claims of the seller.

Billboard Ads Influence Purchases

According to reports by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), over a one month period around seven out of ten people say they have seen outdoor signs and seventy percent say that outdoor signs are likely to influence a purchase. This measurement of the audience is possible through the existence of the TAB. With the audience being measurable, billboard advertising rates become more predictable.

It’s not surprising to hear the report that three out of four businesses using billboards know they would lose sales should they lose the ability to advertise on billboards. (This is information out of a survey of advertisers conducted by Villanova Marketing Professor Charles R. Taylor, PhD.) The average expected lost was 18 percent.

Furthermore, this quote by Mary Cusick, the senior vice president of Bob Evans Farms in Colombus OH, indicates the same : “Decades of experience tell us that the loss of billboards – due to storms, construction or other causes – results in significant loss of sales.”

Going Viral

The truly memorable great billboard ads go down in history and these days they are captured, uploaded and put on social media sites, reported in (other) media and even put on video that covers the world in an instant.

Outstanding Outdoor Billboard Advertisements can go a Long Way

So while the outdoor signs themselves are restricted geographically and demographically, an outstanding billboard advertising message can go much, much further!

If you have any qualms whatsoever about the effectiveness and longevity of the existence of billboard ads, this information should completely reassure you. They are established, they are a valid form of both advertising and revenue and outdoor signs are here to stay.


Why Do Businesses Advertise with Outdoor Billboards?

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Benefits :

Times Square Outdoor Billboards #1

Outdoor Billboard advertising has many features and benefits that make it an attractive medium for the prospective advertiser or billboard owner.

Understanding all that outdoor billboards have to offer will help you realize that it is the perfect advertising solution for the needs of business owners, regardless of the size of their business. Whether a local businessperson buying a single display, or a national brand looking to complement other advertising media needs, outdoorbillboardsite.com will supply you with the valuable information that you need.

Outdoor Billboard advertising displays are truly the oldest form of advertising. People have been using outdoor signs and posters since the beginning of all business. Before radio. Before television. Before magazines. Outdoor advertising s a medium which has stood the test of time, and will continue to thrive well into the future, and this is because of one very good reason: It works!

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Benefits for Business:

  • Billboard ads are the most effective medium to target a specific local area.
  • Billboards deliver the most enduring repeat impressions to target an audience.
  • The ability to provide the most daily impressions, per person for an extended period of time.
  • An excellent way to complement other parts of a business’s advertising media mix (TV, radio).
  • An excellent stand-alone medium that will succeed without reinforcement from other media.
  • Makes for excellent teaser campaigns that is often eagerly anticipated by the audience.
  • Excellent sources for directional media, guiding potential customers to a physical business location (Turn left now, exit here, etc.)
  • Perfect media for small advertising budgets
  • Message visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The form of advertising media no one can turn off or walk away from

In some cases, the cheapest form of advertising because the ad will run every single day – unlike newspapers ads.

The Billboard Advertising Message Does Not Turn Off

Outdoor Billboard advertising…

…literally has thousands of benefits to the advertiser, the billboard owner and the land or building owner and these are just a few of the highlights.

For these reasons outdoor advertising has sustained itself as a very attractive choice for people who are looking to grow their businesses and so provides an opportunity for those wishing to invest in the outdoor billboard business and provide this valuable service to business owners.

Why Outdoor Billboards?

When people think of Outdoor Advertising, they usually think of the colorful billboards along our streets and highways.

Included in the “outdoor” classification, however, are benches, posters, signs and transit advertising (the advertising on buses, subways, taxicabs and trains). They are all share similar advertising rules and methods.

Outdoor advertising reaches its audience as an element of the environment. Unlike newspaper, radio or TV, it doesn’t have to be invited into the home. And it doesn’t provide entertainment to sustain its audience.

Outdoor Billboards Along City Streets

Some Outdoor Advertising Advantages:

  • Since it is in the public domain, Outdoor Advertising assuredly reaches its audience. People can’t “switch it off” or “throw it out.” People are exposed to it whether they like it or not. In this sense, outdoor advertising truly has a “captured audience.”
  • It’s messages work on the advertising principle of “frequency.” Since most messages stay in the same place for a period of a month or more, people who drive by or walk past see the same billboards advertising message a number of times.
  • Particular locations can be acquired for certain purposes. A billboard located a block in front of your business can display outdoor ads to direct people to your showroom. Or you can reach rural areas efficiently by placing a billboard in each small town.
  • Outdoor advertising is an excellent adjunct to other types of advertising you are doing. In fact, it is most effective when coupled with other media.

Some Outdoor Disadvantages

  • Outdoor advertising is a glance medium. At best, it only draws 2-3 seconds of a reader’s time. So the billboards advertising has to be brief.
  • Messages must be brief to fit in that 2-3 second time frame. Ninety-five percent of the time, either the message or the audience is in motion.
  • The nature of the way you have to buy outdoor advertising (usually a three month commitment with most billboard sign companies) is not conducive to a very short, week-long campaign.

Outdoor Advertising Signs are Well Entrenched in Some Locations

When a business buys outdoor advertising, they need to remember that location is everything. High traffic areas are ideal. The exposure from outdoor advertising signs in an undesirable area will do a business little good. Keep the message concise (use only five to seven words) and make it creatively appealing to attract readership. Few words, large illustrations (or photos), bold colors and simple backgrounds will create the most effective outdoor advertising messages.