The Future of Outdoor Billboards for You

The future of outdoor billboards for you is bright with new innovated ways of helping business get their message out. Most of the improvements will be in the area of how the advertisements are created.

New use of Outdoor Billboards

As many have noticed the use of outdoor billboards to get a social message out is becoming more popular by the day. These are mainly being posted on the older static style of outdoor billboards that are made of wood and metal with a single message printed on vinyl.

The profitability potential of these social messages is higher than what most outdoor billboard owners charge because they know in advance the message will only be up for a short time. Because of this most outdoor business owners only post the social messages on billboards that are not presently leased out.

Digital Outdoor Billboards

The newest type of billboard is of the digital variety. These are more expensive to build and operate, but offer the possibility of posting 8 to 10 different messages a minute. This has increased the profit potential of each new digital billboard immensely.

These new billboards are capable of displaying a static message, one with moving characters and even short video clips. The correct type is chosen by just who the target audience is the business advertising is trying to reach.

In some municipalities the video option has been restricted due to how distracting it is to drivers.

Static Outdoor Billboards

The oldest, cheapest and most reliable type of advertising to the masses is still the static outdoor billboard. The way a message on this type of Out-of-Home advertising is being displayed has been around for more than 100 years. This is one of the best examples of how old fashioned is still relevant and valued.

This type of outdoor billboard is also the path many wanting to display a social message are using. They are the lowest cost and most effective in reaching the public with a message.

Breaking into the Outdoor Billboard Business Sector

For those entrepreneurs who are looking to gain a passive income by entering the outdoor billboard business sector, the first step is to locate and purchase your first billboard.

When selecting a billboard to purchase make sure the location has sufficient traffic so the desired number of views can be a selling point to get business to advertise on it. This is one example where the cheapest might not be the best. If the billboard is dilapidated and on a secondary road, the reason is has been left in disrepair is because the location is not financially viable.

Once a billboard in a prime location is located, then purchasing it will enter you into the outdoor billboard business sector. The next step is to find a business willing to advertise on it. This is where your salesmanship will come into play. The better you are at selling your billboard, the more profitable your business will be.

The future of outdoor billboards for you is vivid. This is one business sector that will never go out of style  or be fully replaced.

Locating Clients for an Outdoor Billboard Business

The ability of locating clients for an outdoor billboard business is the single biggest factor into just how successful the organization will be over time. For the most part, businesses that advertise on billboards have an advertising budget. Locating these organizations is essential to acquiring clients.

Advertising Budget

Most companies that have an advertising budget already have an ad of some kind out there, but not necessarily on a billboard. Many of the smaller businesses begin advertising in the weekly periodicals that are published. The ads are low in cost that gets the message out to a limited amount of the public for the business.

It is these businesses with a small budget that should be on your target list of organizations to visit. The biggest advantage an outdoor billboard has over a small ad in a weekly periodical is the number of people that will see the message. Your selling point is that with an increase in traffic in the number of view an organization’s message will be seen, the higher number of potential customers it will draw into the business.

Another approach is to look at the businesses that already advertise on billboards and the billboards locations. By leasing or owning an outdoor billboard in a location where a business’s target audience is more likely to pass by could be enough to persuade them into becoming your client. Another persuasive argument is by showing your location has a higher flow of traffic by it. The key to this approach is to show your location has more value to the potential client.


The most persuasive argument an outdoor billboard business has into attracting clients is by showing the value of your billboards locations. With the locations being on busy roads and knowing the number of views each message will have on a daily business is information that can attract clients. This is especially true for businesses needing more exposure because their location is on a side road that has little traffic passing by.

Types of Advertisements

The most lucrative types of advertisements are the outdoor billboard, but there are other types that can be used to help get a business’s message out for organizations with a smaller advertising budget. A wise outdoor billboard business owner will have more than one size of possible advertisements to offer their clients. This will increase the possibility of acquiring more clients.

The lower cost ads to put up have the smallest potential revenue, but can show a business owner the value of Out-of-Home advertising. A 4’ x 3’ poster in the right location can help attract new customers for a business. With the right message, more potential customers will go to the business that is advertising. This will increase the revenue stream of the business advertising which can lead to them increasing their advertising budget.

There are many different way for locating clients for an outdoor billboard business. The more ways you have to offer a client in forms of advertising, the greater the chance you will attract new clients. This will increase your passive revenues stream that will make your organization more successful.

Earn a Passive Income with Outdoor Billboards

The ability to earn a passive income with outdoor billboards is available to everyone who enters this business sector. There is no special requirement necessary other than the ability to operate a business.

The passive income you will bring in is on the rental of billboards and posters where other business advertises. These spaces can be purchased outright or you can have a long term leases that gives you the right to post the advertisements.

Many people are hesitant to jump into this business sector due to their lack of experience in the advertising world. That is understandable, but like most other businesses you can outsource that type of work. By outsourcing you will keep your labor costs down and still turn a profit.

What many people do not realize is that many of the advertisements at bus stops on the benches and shelters are accomplished by the outdoor billboard business building the benches and shelters. By erecting the structures, they get the rights to advertise on them through a low cost lease with the local municipality. That makes this form of out-of-home advertising extremely profitable and long lasting.

Another low cost way to set up advertisement for your clients is to look for old building that are not occupied. The owners of these structures are not earning any income on their investment. By making them a reasonable offer, you would be able to advertise on the building and make a hefty profit.

The key to operating a profitable outdoor billboard business is to have the ability to find businesses that want to advertise and matching them up with a location for them to get their message out. Everything else can be outsourced.

For some entrepreneurs in this out-of-home advertising business the use of an truck was their launching mechanism. This type of vehicle has been used as a platform for mobile ads. This type of advertising is generally short term, but can bring in $1,000 to $2,000 a day depending on the location the vehicle will be roaming.

There have also been some entrepreneurs that use a bicycle for use with mobile ads. By attaching a small trailer to the back of the bike a sign can be pulled behind the bike and pedestrians in the area would take notice. This is an ideal way to advertising near and at the beaches on the coasts of America.

The way you can earn a passive income with an outdoor billboard business is to match up clients who need to advertise with a way to reach their target audience in an efficient manner.  The mechanism you use to achieve this goal is adjusted for each client you will have.

With each successful matching up of advertising space and client, the earning of passive income with your outdoor billboard business will occur. The more times you are successful in pairing these two variables up, the higher your income will be.

For anyone who wants more information on operating an outdoor billboard business our eBook is available which is full of information, specifications and data on this subject. It will help you break into this business sector and make it possible for you to earn a passive income with outdoor billboards

How to Build and Staff an Outdoor Billboard Business

Knowing how to build and staff an outdoor billboard business successfully is possible with the proper business plan. There are several paths you can take so here are your options.


To begin any business financing is necessary and an outdoor billboard business is no different. Your options are dependent on how you are financially set. For those with an IRA, the borrowing from yourself is an option. This allows you to earn the interest on your loan as you pay it back.

A small business loan is an option for those of you with good credit. These are easier to get than what most expect. This path requires an in-depth business plan to be developed. This is a necessary step anyway to have a profitable business and should be done independent of where you get your financing.

The last option would be to borrow from a family member or friend. This can led to establishing a partnership and at times problems. Unless you want to have a partner, even a silent partner, this path is the most undesirable.

The amount you will need to begin with can be as little as $10,000 for the purchase of one old wooden billboard. A digital billboard can cost $100,000 to $250,000.

The Location

The right location of the first billboard is going to make or break your business. Because of that you must take your time and search all options.

Most entrepreneurs know not to set limits on themselves. Because of that do not limit the area of your search to what is close by where you live. This is a viable option, but should not be your only choice.

The easiest way to begin your search is to get in your car and look what is around. Start in your present county and work your way out over time. You should be taking notes on what you see. This should include old dilapidated billboards along with the placement of functioning ones.

Once you have the billboards location in your county then it is time to look at how viable and profitable these locations are. The way to determine this is to know the average annual daily traffic data for each billboard location. Our government publishes this information generally at the state level. For Arizona the link to this data is at ADOT.

The data this type of site provides include average daily traffic numbers, the type of vehicles that travel in this section of the road along with the average speed of the vehicles. What it does not tell you is who is in the vehicles.

The Staff

In the initial phase of operations of your new business, the staff will more than likely be just you. You initial office will most likely be your den. This will save you money in the beginning, but as your business grows so will the need to expand. Once you have revenue flowing in is the time to think about renting office space.

This is how to build and staff an outdoor billboard business and break into this lucrative business opportunity. Take your time and make wise well thought out decisions so the passive income of the billboard business will grow.

Why Outdoor Billboard Advertisement is Important

In today’s world of digital mass media, the old standard in advertising of outdoor billboards is flourishing. Since the second half of the 19th century this type of Out-of-Home advertising has been around informing the public about a wide variety of items and notices.

Today’s Public is Highly Mobile

With the public today always being on the go, outdoor billboards are being seen by more people. While drivers of vehicles keep their eyes on the road, the passengers are staring out the windows. These are the people seeing the billboards and reading them. By catching their attention companies are making a brand name for themselves.

Cost Effective

There are many ways a company can advertise but with it is a cost. Last year a 30 second TV ad during the Superbowl cost a company $5 million. Also last year the average cost of advertising on an outdoor billboard was $2,000. The billboard ads are seen 24 hours a day 7 days a week and seen by millions of people.

With that same $5 million more than 2500 outdoor billboard ads could have been posted. With the ads being seen 24/7 for a month that time is equivalent to 2,592,000 seconds per ad seen in a 30 day month. This shows cost effectiveness.

No Ad Blocker

With online advertising, the chances are that the ads are being blocked by an app increases every day. With an ad on an outdoor billboard the only way the ad can be blocked is if there is a storm and the billboard is blown over.  Outdoor billboards help the advertiser to get their message out more often and more effectively.

Attention Span of the Public

The more and more people use to on demand items and instant gratification, the attention span has decreased.  This is another area where the advertising on outdoor billboards is advantageous. The average number of words on a billboard being only 6, the entire message can be received in less than 5 seconds.

Just as fast as the click of a mouse, the outdoor billboards are passed along the highway. This is perfect for the modern generation of tech savvy searchers.  With a short and blunt message and an eye catching image, advertising on an outdoor billboard is what is working in today’s market place. This is why the biggest companies are still using the outdoor billboards to get their messages out.

You too can join this booming business sector. All that is required is to purchase or lease just one outdoor billboard. Each billboard that is rented will provide the owner with a continuous passive income. With most rental agreements lasting at least 1 year, there is time to look around for a second and third billboard to purchase.

The leading reason the outdoor billboard advertisement is important is that the message never gets turned off or blocked. With the type of continuality, the message will reach the target audience.

Passive Income with an Outdoor Billboard Business

It is true that there is a passive income with an outdoor billboard business. This type of revenue stream is being used for retirement funds, as an investment along with second and primary revenue streams for families across America.

The reason an outdoor billboard business revenue stream is classified as passive is the way the funds are received and the amount of work required to keep it flowing. Advertisers lease out space on a billboard on average for a year at a time. To receive maximum value most pay for the entire year up front.  Many also renew the lease annually and a new check is then received by the outdoor billboard owner. There is very little interaction between the billboard owner and the business advertising other than the sending of the funds.

With this passive income it can be reinvested in the business by purchasing additional billboards as part of the expansion of your organization. This will make it possible for there to be multiple passive revenue streams coming in.  As your business grows so will the amount of revenue that is received.

What many outdoor billboard business owners really like about their business plan is once an advertiser is leasing space, there is little that has to be done to keep the revenue stream rolling in. The only real physical activity is the checking on the billboard to make sure signage is still readable and the billboard’s lights are still functioning.

The reasons the billboard might become unreadable can include the growth of vegetation that might practically cover the sign, vandalism and possibly storm damage. The first one requires the hiring of a crew to cut the vegetation down. The second two needs to be reported to the insurance company and then repairs have to be planned.

With the average monthly gross income from the outdoor billboard advertising rates across America in the neighborhood of $2,000, the profit potential is vast. That would be $20,000 a month in gross revenue for a small business owner that owns 10 billboards.

It is this revenue stream potential that is drawing in investors into the outdoor billboard business sector. What many in the public do not realize is that for more than 100 years, this passive revenue stream has been available to them.

The most active time for tasks to be completed in this business sector is in the launching of the organization. Once established very little needs to be done expect cash the checks unless you are expanding. This is what makes this type of business so attractive.

For those interested in this lucrative type of business with a continuous passive revenue stream we have developed an in-depth resource eBook to help examine the details of operating this type of business with real world examples.

This business has very little selling and large profit potential for those willing to make an investment and spend a little spare time managing it. This will make it possible for you to have passive income with an outdoor billboard business.

Getting Noticed with an Outdoor Billboard


Getting noticed with an outdoor billboard has reached a new height with the new largest billboard in the world hanging on the side of a hotel in Madrid. The advertisement is for the Ford Ecosport and it covers 56,672 sq feet. This area is equal to 20 tennis courts. This is an extreme example of how to attract attention and it has now become recognized as a Guinness World Record.

It is true that the Outdoor billboard business sector is over 100 years old, but it is still going strong in the highly competitive advertising markets. In that time radio, TV then the internet became options for advisers, but the outdoor billboard market is still very strong.

One thing about the outdoor billboard business sector is that nearly anyone can get a foothold in this type of advertising.  All that is required is the purchase or lease of the first billboard. With the average monthly income an outdoor billboard brings in of $2,000, this passive income is a good long term investment.

The types of people that are beginning to invest in the outdoor billboard business across the country include those that have been pulling their funds out of stocks and bonds to this more stable business atmosphere. The stability comes from the advertisers who sign leases to advertise on a billboard for a year at a time.

Another path for entering this entrepreneur business venture is to take out a small business loan. Before attempting to apply for this a business plan of just how you will achieve your profit goals has to be constructed and put on paper. This is possible with a little research and a guide like our eBook.

The best choice of billboard to invest in is all determined by its location. The best placement of the billboard will be found that has a high number of impressions on a daily basis. In rural America this is on the highways while in the urban areas the main roads especially near intersections where the traffic has to stop and be idle, if only for a minute or two.

Another determining factor into picking the right location to start your business venture is by looking at just who is advertising in the area you are interested in investing in. In most areas this is a mixture of national brands like McDonalds and Ford along with local restaurants and bars.

By looking at the ads already in place you can narrow down the target audience they are going after. By knowing this you can then locate other business in that area that will have the same target audience to advertise on your billboard. This is how your client base list will begin.

In the advertising business sector going to the extreme like what Ford did in Spain is a viable option to sell a product, but not always necessary. The way of getting noticed in the outdoor billboard advertising world is to be consistent with your message.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Rates


The Outdoor Billboard advertising rates across America are dependent on several key factors associated with its location. They are all profitable, but some have higher monthly yields than others.


The local population is an important factor on just what advertiser can charge when leasing a billboard. As an example in Austin Texas the population is just under 1 million. A billboard on a secondary 4 lane road is being leased for $495 per month.

In Atlanta, Georgia an outdoor billboard can be rented for $3,000. The population of the metropolitan area is just under 6 million.

In the Chicago area an outdoor billboard can be leased for a month at around $5,000. This local population is near 7.5 million people.

A billboard can be rented in New York City from $12,000 to $14,000 for a month. The population nearby is just under 17 million people.


What type of road the outdoor billboard is placed is another factor which involves the number of impression it will receive will also affect the amount that can be charged. The billboard near Austin has just over 91,000 impressions each week. In Atlanta the weekly impressions is 5 million at the location above. In Chicago the one week number of impressions is at 10 million. In New York City the numbers of impressions for the two billboards listed above are 18 million to 50 million impressions.

The Sign

One of the factors that help in determining the profit potential of each of these sites is the cost of creating the vinyl billboard advertisement. Most graphic artists will charge between $500 and $1,000 for their services. Having the design printed up will run another $200 to $300.

With the cost of creating the sign for hanging on the billboard pretty much fixed, the only variable is the amount that can be charged for leasing the space. As seen in the numbers above the highest number of impressions are in areas with the highest populations.

For those thinking about a business venture in the outdoor billboard business sector, these factors must be consider when choosing which billboard to purchase and or lease.

When purchasing a billboard there are a few other costs associated with the business. This is the rental of the land and the cost of the annual permits for advertising.

Land Rental

The renting of the land generally follows one of two formulas. It can be 10% to 25% of the revenue brought in by the company for renting the advertising on the space. The other is a flat rate per month for rent which is dependent on the location. On most highways out of town this rent is near $500 per month.

In the outdoor billboard business the shorter the message is the easier it is to read, understand and remember. The placement of the logo of the business advertising on it should also be present on the sign.

For more in-depth information on this business sector please read our eBook.

Constantly Changing Media Landscape including Outdoor Billboards

The outdoor billboards we all see on a daily basis are just part of the media landscape that surrounds us. Like most things in the business world it is in a constant state of flux. What has been constant in the past few years is growth in the Out-of-Home advertising sector that includes outdoor billboards. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America reported a 1.2% growth in the year 2017.

In 2017 Out-of-home advertising was behind newspapers in revenue, but the gap is getting smaller. As reported on Monday of this week the New York Daily News cut its staff by 50%. This is more evidence that as the outdoor billboard business continues to grow while other forms of advertising like newspapers are shrinking.

What has changed from the past in the outdoor billboard business sector is that many of the social themes advertising on outdoor billboards are becoming news in the other forums. Two of the more recent examples of this are how a Finnish newspaper used outdoor billboards when both President Trump and President Putin visited Helsinki. The other was the Save the Horses campaign in North Carolina.

Both of those examples were seen by more people in the digital social media of the internet and in news reports than by the number of people that actually passed by the outdoor billboards. This is just how much exposure outdoor billboards are currently receiving in the world and getting their message out.

You too can join in this expansion, success and profits by investing in the outdoor billboards. This can be as easy and purchasing a lease on a billboard or buying the billboard itself. It all begins with the first investment. This process is fully explained in our eBook.

In the eBook are exactly how to begin in the outdoor billboard business and be successful. This includes the types of outdoor billboards and other forms of advertising so you can expand you business as the passive income begins to flow in.

Another very good part of the eBook is the descriptions of the paper work required for legal purposes. Not only is it explained what is required, but real life examples are presented so the investor knows what to expect in this business sector.

What many do not know is this is a type of investment similar to the stock market, but you have more control than you do with the price fluctuations of stocks and bonds. This is a positive path for accumulating wealth for retirement, a second income or as the primary source of income for your family.

With the constantly changing landscape of the outdoor business sector has been advantageous for investors for over a decade now. This form of investing has a track record of providing a constant passive income flow into the business once clients are obtained. Most leases run for a year and many of them continue their relationship with the advertisers for decades.