The Adweek Selection of the Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ads

The idea of outdoor billboard ads is to be eye-catching and eye-catching these ones are!

This report was put together by Adweek, who describe themselves as “the leading source of news for marketing, media and advertising professionals” and they say they are “a must-read for CMOs, creatives, media buyers, content creators, agency heads and anyone looking to stay informed about the digital media landscape.” So we figure that includes anyone investing in outdoor advertising!

And we tend to agree! For more information on Adweek, check out their website Adweek put this story together in March of 2013.

Now, we’re not saying that owners of billboards have to be involved in being this creative, but we do think it’s worth understanding what’s out there and what’s possible and where advertising agencies, and the businesses who want that level of promotion, will spend big dollars on billboard ads.


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ads#1


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ads #1

A Minneapolis-based real estate agency – Edina Realty – sought the help of a local shop, Preston Kelly, to create an effect that could be appreciated by anyone who’s ever moved house! The advertising campaign ran across Minnesota for several months in early 2013. As far as real estate billboard ads go, we reckon this is a brilliant one!


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #2


Billboard2This billboard was created by agency OMG to promote the release of a movie The Dark Knight Rises before it was released in summer 2012. The billboards were used in the Los Angeles market. The really interesting thing to take note of is the fact that the film’s name isn’t even mentioned!


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #3


Billboard3This is an ad for Mammoth Mountain which is a Californian ski destination. A prop-oriented board similar to Sprite’s, this also targets young, extreme sports enthusiasts with its no-frills, let-the-halfpipe-tell-the-story design. David & Goliath are responsible for this creativity.


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #4


Billboard4Great billboard ads just have that something extra – here’s an ad for Crystal Springs water. Love Adweek’s wording here : “Aliens on a quest for water? Agency Cramer-Krasselt gave this board an otherwordly spin. The campaign ran in Albuquerque, which isn’t that far from Roswell. Just sayin’ …”


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ads #5


Billboard5Peapod is an online grocer and this interactive screen with handy QR codes represents the future of outdoor advertising. Peapod allows commuters to scan and shop while on the go because it’s located on public transportation platforms in Chicago. How easy does that make the grocery shopping?


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #6


We love creative Billboard AdsHow to turn something pretty ‘ordinary’ like tinned tomatoes into a memorable event! In the first week the billboards just showed naked vines; in the second week tomatoes sprouted; and in week 3 the tomatoes were canned and ready to sell! Minneapolis agency Clarity Cloverdale Fury is responsible for these truly creative billboard ads for Red Gold Tomatoes.


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #7


Billboard7Cute one – this billboard is posted in its hometown of Albuquerque, N.M. The billboard is the work of Esparza Advertising.


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #8


Billboard8This billboard is a very straightforward but very visually appealing example of a series of these billboard ads that Universal Pictures ran in a few critical area prior to the release of this movie in March 2012. The idea was that they were meant to spark curiosity and they were also followed up by a TV trailer campaign, including a spot at the Super Bowl.


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ad #9


Billboard9bThese two billboard ads are promoting the Kansas City Royals – they were put up prior to the Opening Day of the 2013 Major League Baseball season and they were situated on either side of I-35 leading into the heart of downtown K.C. The work is from the agency Walz Tetrick Advertising.


Most Eye-Catching Billboard Ads #10


Billboard10This Sprite ad made excellent use of props, recreating a skateboard ramp, complete with curved bottom and a scratched and peeling surface. This is an Atlanta billboard from Turner Duckworth. Adweek say “It only looks as if the little dude is dropping in from 70 feet; no actual skateboarders were harmed in the making of this ad.”