Billboard Definitions

Like any industry niche, the outdoor billboard business has a lingo all of its own. Here we’ve listed the essential definitions of terminology that’s used about billboards.

Catwalk – Platform located underneath the sign face, either in front or in back, used as support for the maintenance crew.

Centermount – Monopole structure in which the supporting column is affixed to the center of the display panel.

Display Face (panels) – The flat area normally rectangular in shape where the advertisement is displayed.

Double Face – A billboard structure that has two display panels, which are parallel to each other and facing in opposite directions.

Extension – A part of the advertisement extending beyond the display face in order to create better impact.

Flag Mount – Monopole structure in which the supporting column is affixed to the left or right of the center of the display panel.

Footings – Concrete used to solidify the structure keeping it upright in the ground.

Illumination – Light fixtures attached to a sign so that the message is visible in hours of darkness.

HAGL – Height Above Ground Level is the distance in feet from the ground to the lowest edge of the bottom molding.

Lease Cost – Costs associated with obtaining a lease site.

Molding – Decorative frame surrounding the printed message on the display face.

Reflectors – Copy material that has been designed to reflect light to aid in visibility in hours of darkness when illumination is not present on the billboard structure.

Single Face – Billboard structure that has a single display panel facing in only one direction.

Stackmount – A billboard structure in which multiple display panels are set above one another.

Stringers or Crossmembers – Wood or steel braces attached to the back of the sign that support the structures.

Triangle – A billboard structure having three display panels arranged in the shape of a triangle with each panel facing in a different direction.

Uprights -Vertical posts, pipes or beams, mounted into the ground that keep the sign erect.

V Face – A billboard structure having two display panels that are not parallel to each other, facing in opposite directions.

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