What Makes Billboard Advertising So In-Demand

(…and Why the Outdoor Billboard Business Continues to be a Popular Money-Making Strategy for Investors)

Billboard advertising over the years has held a dominant position in the advertising industry. Despite the various mediums of advertising that have come and gone, billboard advertising has stayed, although now in a better avatar than ever. In this age of digitalization and internet, where social media has taken the center-stage in defining the new rules of marketing, billboard advertising has held on to its ubiquity. As a form of outdoor advertising, billboards have the efficacy to reach the masses. Therefore, many marketers understand that this form of advertising cannot be ignored and the savvy ones will use the best techniques and strategies to make billboard advertising effective.

As a billboard business owner (or potential owner) it is of benefit to you to understand the factors that make billboard advertising effective.

Top 6 Tips That Make Billboard Advertising Effective


  1. Choice of the Right Location: When a marketer buys billboard space, he or she must pay special attention to the location of the billboard. Since the billboards have the capability to reach out to a large number of people, it is important that they are strategically located. Strategic locations include highways, downtown areas, sides of buildings and sporting arenas. Buying billboard space on billboards in strategic locations will produce the most impressions and therefore, prove to be the most effective. The best located billboards will command the greatest billboard advertising rates.
  2. Brand Building: The main aim of using billboard advertising is often purely to build a brand. Marketers often use billboards to simply display the message without conveying anything else – and so build the brand. It is sometimes used as a direct response medium (as in the case of “Turn Left 100m” for the fast food joint) but just as often simply as a place to build the brand. Therefore, phone numbers or web addresses must be given only if they are the tagline of the brand.
  3. Keep it Simple and Short: Billboard advertising means creating an impact in the few seconds that one has when the onlookers are passing by. Therefore, to make it effective, billboards must have a simple message, maybe only six words or less. The point is to generate interest and curiosity. The onlookers do not have the time to stop and read the find print on the billboards. So, the message should be simple and short.
    Short Sharp Billboard Advertising message
  4. Opt for A Widespread Campaign: There is no doubt about the fact that the billboards have better reach than other advertising mediums. However, if the number of billboards is high, it would reach a larger number of people. Therefore, a widespread billboard campaign is the key to effective marketing. Serious marketers will often opt to buy more billboard space at different locations so that the message is delivered to a large audience.
  5. Create Smart Billboard Ads: Boring billboards do not have the capability to attract. Marketers should try to create smart billboards that give the message “head on”. Being too clever or using complex jargon and metaphors in the billboard design can cause the message to be lost. On the other hand, a smart message would create a lasting impression on the minds of the onlookers. Any added functionality or facility that the billboard owner can make available for the advertiser to achieve this outcome will be an advantage (e.g. illuminations, extensions). See the Post on Definitions for further information.
    Effective Billboard Message
  6. Create Unique billboards: Billboards that are unique, are done in 3D, or those that use animation are always remembered for a longer time than the flat, static billboards. Mobile billboard advertising can also be a particularly effective tool – to read more about this medium CLICK HERE. Being a visual medium of advertising, billboards can create a lasting impression as compared to a print ad. Therefore, it is imperative for marketers to not only buy billboard space at strategic locations but also get it done with a unique and cool message. So the more options you can provide your advertisers, the more popular your billboard is likely to be.

Why does Billboard Advertising Remain a Feasible Investment Medium for Investors With Small to Medium Sized Budgets – as Well as Big Budget Businesses?

When compared to other forms of advertising, billboards take the number one spot for their cost effectiveness. The cost per impression or CPM of billboards is its strength and this must be used maximally. When marketers buy billboard space, they work out the CPM to calculate the worth of advertising with regards to the amount of impressions produced for the cost of buying the space. As mentioned, with billboards, the CPM is usually the least as compared to other mediums of advertising. You can read our Post HERE about how the number of impressions a billboard receives is worked out.

Another factor that goes in favor of billboard advertising is that they cannot be switched off, unless they are the digitalized ones. With bold and powerful messaging billboard advertising holds the power to reach out to a large audience, which is generally the intention of every advertiser.

Therefore, whether it is a small business or a large one, buying billboard space to advertise products or services is a good idea to reach out to the masses.

Marketers can follow the given tips to make their billboard advertising effective and billboard owners can be sure they’ve invested in a medium that has a wide market appeal for marketers, advertisers and businesses wanting exposure.

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