Best Locations for Billboards

48% of the Billboards seen by drivers on roads in the UK are actually read by them.  The rate is higher for young drivers under the age of 35. By using this as a benchmark for advertising with this approach to a mass media campaign, the ads should be targeting the younger generation. The first thing is to place the billboards where the younger generation frequent.

Where Young Driver Go

The younger generations are still establishing themselves financially so location to catch their eyes would be the medium to low cost range of entertainment options. This generation is also use to instant service so placing billboards around fast food restaurants and convenient stores is an ideal place to get their attention.

Another place of high traffic for the younger generation is locations of higher learning. This includes the campuses of college, universities and technical schools.  These ads will be seen by drivers along with those on bicycles and walking.

Helping Drivers see the Billboards

Visibility is the key to having the advertisements on billboards read. By locating them in or near the line of sight for drivers is key to being successful.  By having the bottom of the signs 3 to 10 feet off the ground, the drivers do not have to move their heads too much to see and quickly read the messages that are posted.

In the past some outdoor billboards business have suggested the higher the sign, the more people can see them from a farther distance. This does have some good logic behind it, but in reality it just does not work. Billboards on top of tall buildings are just too hard to read up close and not large enough to be read at a distance.

One item that has to be remembered is to have the area around the billboard clear of trees. This way the billboard can be seen and read. Remember small trees will grow in time and can obscure the sign from the drivers.

Where Professionals can be Found

The professionals frequent the roadways to and from their place of employment. The highest concentrations of them are on all the major roads and highways in metropolitan areas during rush hours.

Most commuters between their places of employment are either sleepy or tired. Because of this making the outdoor billboards easy to read is essential to getting the message out. On regular roads, the bottom of the sing should be 3 to 10 feet off the ground is best. On highways just above the sight line of a driver, but at an angle so as the drivers approaches it they can easily read it.

Miscellaneous Places Billboards are Effective

Other location where there is a constant flow of travelers includes the major public transportation sites. This includes the bus and train terminals and places pedestrians can go underground and get on the subway. Near these location groups of people will be waiting and many times bored.

Bored people are the best receptors of a message on an outdoor billboard. These people are looking to entertain themselves while they are waiting.  Reading the nearby billboards can help occupy their time while they are just sitting. By having billboards in these location, the message will be read frequently and the ad campaign will be effective.

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